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Filters and Reticles

    Fluorescent Filter Sets
As new and more sophisticated applications emerge in biotechnology and life sciences research, the demand for new excitation / dichroic / barrier filter combinations is being met by our suppliers.
We also offer neutral density and colored filters, as well as specialized filter types. In addition to filters, we offer high-intensity light sources, listed under Illuminators.
For technical assistance, please contact us at: 1-408-374-7300.

We are official dealers of the following filter manufacturers:
Chroma � Semrock � Omega � Schott

An eyepiece reticle (sometimes called graticule) is a glass disc imprinted with measuring scales, cross-hairs, circles, boxes, or any other combination you can think of for your specific application. Reticles come in a variety of sizes corresponding to the inside diaphragm diameter of your microscope eyepiece. For measuring applications, you can specify English or Metric scale.
Micrometers fit into three categories: stage, eyepiece, and eyepiece with readout. A stage micrometer is an imprinted glass or metal slide used to calibrate an eyepiece reticle for measuring purposes. An eyepiece micrometer has a graduated vernier knob from which you can take direct
measurements. An eyepiece with readout features a knob with an embedded encoder that sends an electrical signal to a digital read-out display. All 3 types can be used in English / Metric scale.
For assistance in determining the technical requirements for ordering an eyepiece reticle or micrometer, please contact us at: 1-408-374-7300.

We are official dealers of the following reticle manufacturers:
Klarmann Rulings, Inc.


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